Creative Approaches in Coaching & Supervision

Awakening our imagination!

Creative approaches in coaching and coaching supervision – An introduction

We hope that you might explore these, or any other questions, for yourself during our session.

This is going to be a highly experiential session – drawing on our imagination and our capacity to create visual metaphor.

We may touch on the theory and/or history of creativity and human development although for the most part we will be deep in the experience.

We will play with creative imagery today – some using simple metaphor, and some extended creative images suitable for group, team or systemic issues.

This session will focus on images. The approaches that we cover will be appropriate for personal reflection, one-to-one work and group / team supervision.

You will be able to practice, and play with others in the group. The joy with creative tools is that we can immerse ourselves in an imagined world….and, part of the practice, is to also hold the responsibility of that enormous priviledge. Want to explore this some more? Come along and join us.

Bring your tool kit. Come and play with us!