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Unlock a world of opportunities with an EMCC membership.

At EMCC, we believe in empowering our members with a wealth of benefits that transcend borders. Your membership is not just a commitment; it’s an investment in your professional growth and network.


As a member, gain complimentary tickets to the majority of our online events. Immerse yourself in a world of learning, networking, and collaboration through webinars, masterclasses, group sessions, study groups and more.

Stay ahead of industry trends with information about EMCC’s global conferences. Your membership comes with exclusive discounts, making these gatherings not only enriching but also cost-effective. Explore more at

As an advocating body for professionalising the coaching and mentoring industry, we stand by trusted professional credentials as a way to uphold the integrity of our profession.

EMCC offers accreditation pathways, support, and fast-track options for both members and non-members alike. Members can enjoy a discounted accreditation fee.

Enjoy a treasure trove of resources to fostering continuous learning and development.

Accessible to members only, member resources include our comprehensive webinar library featuring guest sessions from esteemed coaches and supervisors.

Enhance your visibility and build your network across the region. Connect and collaborate with professionals in your area, share and access potential collaborations and showcase your skills and location via our ‘Find a Coach’ page.

We also support members by promoting their coaching or supervising programs, courses or products to our subscriber network (as long as yoru values align with that of EMCC).

EMCC is a volunteer-run organisation. Our Council, Board, Ambassadors and Region Leads all hold volunteer positions. If you are interested in volunteering within EMCC APR, we welcome members to get in touch to put their name forward for role-based positions, and also to lead project-based initiatives or host events.

Participate in EMCC social responsibility programs to be part of initiatives that make a positive impact globally. Learn more at Social Responsibility.

Contribute to the profession and shape the future of coaching and mentoring through self-managed, collaborative, or funded Research Projects.

Dive into the world of academic excellence. Enjoy free access to the International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching at EMCC Journal.

Join a community built on connection.

What is it like to contribute?

Our community relies on the contribution of our members
to continue growing and changing for the better. Luckily,
there’s plenty of great ways to get involved, including:

  • Join one of our volunteer committees
  • Become a country ambassador
  • Lead social responsibility initiatives
  • Take on research projects
  • Participate in country-specific events
  • Actively attend EMCC events
  • Host or co-host network & learn events
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EUR 150 / YEAR

For practitioners, coaches, mentors, trainers, supervisors, consultants, managers and other individuals with an interest in coach/mentoring. Join us to support and shape the future of our profession.
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EUR 500 / YEAR

Includes membership for 5 named individuals. For organisations with coaches, trainers and HR professionals responsible for the development, coordination, and provision of coach and mentoring programs or schemes.
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EUR 105 / YEAR

For students on Accredited EQA/ESQA programs. All members joining EMCC as part of the completion of an EMCC EQA/ESQA course, this membership type offers a 30% discount on the first year of membership.
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