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  • Webinar - Trust in psychological contracts - Dr Keith Jackson

Webinar - Trust in psychological contracts - Dr Keith Jackson

  • 30 Jun 2020
  • 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (UTC+08:00)
  • Zoom

The concept of a ‘psychological contract’ is embedded in studies and practice of human resource management and development (Conway and Briner, 2006). In a seminal study, Rousseau (1989) proposes that psychological contracts can be applied towards describing, examining and comparing the structure and nature of the ‘promissory’ and ‘reciprocal exchange agreements’ that individuals in society create and negotiate: e.g. the type of dyadic professional relationship that mentors and their mentees routinely form and develop.

When designing models of psychological contracts, researchers commonly locate ‘trust’ as a core and, indeed, pivotal element. The causal assumption here is: if one party to the relationship begins to perceive the other as ‘untrustworthy’, that party considers the entire contract at risk of being ‘breached’; as a result, the relationship begins to break down (Jackson, 2011a). 

When coach-mentors attempt to apply these models in practice, they find that ‘trust’ is seldom defined or explained precisely (Jackson, 2011b). This webinar is designed to offer EMCC members an opportunity to explore how 'trust' in contexts for forming and negotiating psychological contracts between coach-mentors and mentees might ‘work’. Specifically, the webinar asks: 

  • How can referring to established conceptualisations of ‘psychological contracts’ help us better understand the structure and nature of the professional relationships we initiate and seek to maintain with our mentees?  
  • How can referring to ‘trust’ as a core element in models of psychological contracts help us maintain effective working relationships with our mentees: e.g. by avoiding mentee perceptions of contract breach? 

In the context of the on-going COVID-19 crisis, we further ask: 

  • How can we apply our understanding of trust in psychological contracts towards guiding our efforts to secure and reassure new clients as mentees: i.e. clients, who, on a person-to-person basis, might currently perceive us as ‘strangers’?

About Dr Keith Jackson (PhD, MBA, MA, CIPD, CMI, EMCC)

Keith has been with SOAS University of London since 1993 and in roles that include: programme leader, marketer, tutor, and researcher. He is a qualified (CIPD) practitioner in international HRM and has (to date) worked in small and large, for-profit and not-for-profit enterprises in 9 countries across Europe and Asia. In 2017, Keith became a country expert (Japan) for the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation in Brussels.

As a practising coach-mentor, Keith specialises in offering career and professional development support to MBA and PhD graduates – currently, worldwide and online. Keith also supports the ‘Member-to-Member’ career mentoring network organised by the UK’s Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) and the ‘Mentoring@SOAS’ (University of London) peer support network. He is currently a Visiting Researcher at Kobe University in Japan, where he is investigating the concept and practice of ‘career ownership’.

Keith is proud to be a member of, and contributor to, the EMCC Asia Pacific Region.

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When:  Tuesday 30 June 2020

Time:       5pm Singapore/Shanghai/Perth 

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5:00pm Singapore/Shanghai/Perth
4:00pm Bangkok/Jakarta/Ho Chi Minh City
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