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Webinar - Workplace Bullying & the Brain

  • 28 Apr 2020
  • 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM (UTC+08:00)

Meet Leanne Drew-McKain who will be presenting a Webinar for the EMCC Asia Pacific Region on Tuesday 28th April 2020.

Workplace Bullying & the Brain

Organisations around the world are struggling to manage workplace bullying, reaching ‘epidemic’ proportions according to the United Nations International Labor Organisation.

Described in Australia as ‘repeated and unreasonable behaviours directed towards a worker or group of workers’ (Rishworth, 2012), and in the US as, ‘intentional, repetitive, and persistent aggressive behavior that causes damage to the victim’ (Wandersonia et al, 2016), our current definitions of workplace bullying pose a little problem … They don’t define what bullying behaviours actually are. While an abundance of studies investigate the social and psychological aspects of bullying, far fewer investigate the neurobiological aspects that inform both patterns and responses, or support a typology of bullying behaviours.

Leanne Drew-McKain has gone to neuroscience to further her decade-long obsession with workplace communication exchanges, to begin developing a ‘bullying brain map’—a conceptual neuroscience framework to understand bullying.

Through her company Coach Pty Ltd, Leanne works with around 50 organisations a year to help them build a clear, workforce-shared understanding of workplace communication behaviours that convey threat, from brain to brain. Leanne will share with us her insights into ‘threat’ behaviours and ‘trust’ behaviours—and her experiences in raising individual and social accountability and behaviour-change in workforces to help make ‘zero-tolerance’ ambitions meaningful.

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