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Webinar - Getting Unstuck and Psychologically Flexible

  • 17 Mar 2020
  • 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM (UTC+08:00)

Dr Austin Aloysius Tay

Getting Unstuck & Psychologically Flexible

As humans, we are good at allowing negative thoughts and emotions deter us from moving towards things that matter to us. We rationalise, confront and challenge these thoughts and emotions in the hope to ‘unpick’ and ‘eliminate’ them. All of these become a constant struggle and we end up being stuck in a vicious cycle.

To help us get unstuck, we need to allow ourselves to adopt a psychological flexible mindset. Stop letting our mind dictate how we should think and feel and to create a psychological distance to enable ourselves to move towards our goals through value-based actions.

In this Webinar, Austin will share tips and techniques to become psychologically flexible.

Dr Austin Aloysius Tay is a UK Chartered Scientist, UK Chartered and HK Registered Industrial Organisational Psychologist with over 26 years of working experience across various specialisations including C-Level executive assessments, executive coaching, career management and outplacement, volume psychological assessment, training, project management, sales and marketing, business development and operations. 

He has a PhD in Organizational Psychology with Birkbeck College, University of London, a Masters in Psychology of Work with the University of Leicester, a Masters in International and Commercial Law and a Bachelors in Psychology with Socio-Legal Studies with the University of Buckingham, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Law with the University of Law London.

Austin combines his knowledge in the area of psychology, business understanding and the individual’s needs to craft out a pragmatic process for executive coaching and training. He has helped executives in industries such as finance, media, manufacturing, insurance, FMCG, NGO, telecommunications and pharmaceutical, in areas of : leading and managing conflict resolution, career development, strategic thinking and communications.

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