Accreditation FAQ’s

  • Foundation Award: €120 + VAT if applicable (€499 for non-member)
  • Practitioner Award: €205 + VAT if applicable (€599 for non-member)
  • Senior Practitioner Award: €245 + VAT if applicable (€699 for non-member)
  • Master Practitioner Award: €450 + VAT if applicable (€799 for non-member)
  • Supervisor ESIA Award: €180 + VAT if applicable

The EIA application process is outlined below and provides a step by step view of your journey to accreditation. You can work in a flexible way, fitting the work of your application around other commitments. Our assessments and Accreditation Panel are scheduled on an ongoing basis and you can see more information in our calendar.

Depending on your circumstance, you may find that your application can take anywhere between 20-40 hours to prepare.

If you are taking part in one of our 5 Day Challenge Courses, we suggest as a guide to commit 1 day/week across the 5 weeks to working on your accreditation application.

Supervision is a form of professional support for the coach/mentor practitioner, provided by a professional supervisor, and occurs separately from the interaction with the client. It is primarily a reflective dialogue relating to their practice.

In the context of EMCC Global Accreditation, the nature of reflective practice is seen as a
dynamic enquiry of ‘thinking with a purpose’ to deliberate on issues and perceptions
related to one’s professional practice.

Reflection (as distinct from reflexivity) is…

Reflexivity can occur at an individual level through questioning, reviewing, evaluating, and from the willingness to examine assumptions and alternatives, leading to altering and assimilation of new perspectives (Hibbert, 2009; Hibbert et al., 2010) as well as ongoing enhancement of practice. Thus, reflectivity and reflexivity are key considerations for coaches, mentors, supervisors, and leaders to raise one’s awareness to be able to reflect critically with reflexivity.

For example, one needs to reflect not only on coaching, mentoring, supervision and leadership processes, but also examine assumptions, biases, personal values and beliefs and assimilate new perspectives. This can help to deepen personal reflections and identify and further probe thoughts, feelings, and behaviours for on-going professional development.

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