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Professional Practitioner Training in Organisational Constellations 2020-2021

5 Oct 2019 5:10 PM | Daniel Wright (Administrator)

Caroline Ward Consulting

A Systemic Approach to Transformation, Perth, Australia

A Professional Practitioner Training in Organisational Constellations

  • 3 live training modules:
    • Perth: Lunchtime August 10th to Lunchtime August 14th 2020
    • Online: November 30th - December 2nd 2020, 7 am to 11.00 am GMT each day
    • Perth: Lunchtime February 15th to Lunchtime February 19th 2021
  • 3 live Q&A calls between modules
  • Optional visit to participate in a client constellation, Perth, February 2021

Goals of the Training

This is a 14-day certified professional training in Systemic Constellations for Organisations. It is designed for leaders, coaches, consultants, change facilitators and HR professionals.

The programme offers a deep exploration of how to use the embodied systemic intelligence of constellations work to illuminate and resolve the most common issues that affect organisations and change initiatives:

  • Purpose: realigning organisations to their purpose and enabling them to reach their goals
  • Authority: resolving issues with leadership, accountability, delegating and being led
  • Delivery: addressing the root causes of underperformance and obstacles to success
  • Leading Change: designing change, engaging stakeholders and dissolving resistance
  • Unplanned Change: navigating turbulence, complexity and the emerging future
  • Teamwork: resolving conflicts, increasing collaboration between individuals and teams
  • Personal Impact: changing your own behaviour patterns to transform the performance of your organisation and your effectiveness with your clients, markets and stakeholders

“It was extraordinary. Suddenly the lock clicked and the door opened. Our sales numbers all came in. All the tension and negative energy I had been meeting just tripped out. I have launched a new target of $200M.” Managing Director of Sales and Distribution Unit

"I have been able to take this and apply it with phenomenal results for my clients very quickly. The ROI with this training is phenomenal. It is completely applicable. I can blend this in beautifully and it adds real value." CEO, Executive Coaching Organisation

This Programme will equip you to facilitate constellations work with the organisational issues of your clients. At the same time, you will apply this approach to the challenges and opportunities of your own professional life.

As well as a robust training in the approach, the programme offers an opportunity for your own personal transformation. The work will support you to align more clearly to your own purpose and to resolve any obstacles to fulfilling it more deeply. It will offer strong support for business expansion, career development and professional growth.

This training will enable you to be a more effective leader and a more powerful change agent to your clients. Experiencing your own transformation will give you an authentic place to offer constellations work from. The programme will leave you better able to fulfil your own purpose and your potential for professional and financial success.

"Since we started our work with Caroline we have tripled our income. There is more meaning and purpose in what we do now. The projects are the kind we have been speaking about but had not been able to find the clients for." Branding Consultant

"Thank you for enriching my life beyond measure. It has given me a way of working with my deepest values that is totally commercial." Director of Planning

About Caroline Ward

Caroline Ward runs a systemic consultancy in London. She works with clients who are finding solutions to the challenges facing humanity. Her clients include tech start-ups, research scientists, climate change initiatives and artistic institutions in Europe, the USA and Asia. She offers systemic trainings in London, and by invitation all over the world.

“Caroline is a master practitioner and a master teacher. She makes it teachable and therefore easy as a student to absorb, build your muscles and then apply almost instantly.” Executive Coach

“There are not words to describe the agent of transformation that Caroline has been for me.” Senior Vice President of HR

“Caroline created the best learning environment that I have ever experienced.” Management Consultant

“Brilliant! Brilliant teaching, brilliant care for the group, brilliant sense of fun.” Internal Organisational Development Consultant

For Full Programme Information or to Book

Please contact: carolinewardconsulting@gmail.com. Tel +44 (0) 7810 456110

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