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  • 21 Oct 2020 1:56 PM | Daniel Wright (Administrator)

    Bringing Coaching to Life:

    An Introduction to Coaching and Becoming a Qualified Coach - Asia Pacific Virtual Events

    If you are considering investing in executive coach training for yourself or your organisation, professional executive coaching offers individuals and businesses many benefits including improving performance or workplace culture, increasing confidence, helping with crisis management and strategic planning.

    To help you get started in choosing the right coach training path for you, join us for one of our free virtual sessions where we will look at what coaching is, what you get from training in coaching skills and becoming a professional coach.

    Sign up below and you will hear from a graduate about their experience of completing the AoEC’s triple-accredited Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching programme, how best to start in coaching and get a real flavour of what it is like to train with the AoEC.

    Event Details:

    16.00pm – 17.30pm SGT, 11th November 2020 – register here  

    16.00pm – 17.30pm SGT, 16th December 2020 – register here

    For more information please contact Mark Powell, Head of AoEC Singapore at or visit

  • 10 Sep 2020 7:26 PM | Daniel Wright (Administrator)

    “How are you feeling?” “Is this working? “Hello, can you hear me?” “Unmute yourself. I can’t hear you!!” – these are just a few of the regularly repeated questions/comments we at Beckon Business hear from our clients during the uncertain Covid19 year.

    Of course, after the laughs, the conversation moves on to the bigger question just below the surface  – “As Business and Leadership coaches, what are you guys seeing out there?” 

    We agree that businesses are operating in a new environment that is shifting and reshaping how  business leaders respond. (Check out this great must read post on the subject here)

    Varyingly, we see either leadership creatively looking at this as the ‘new normal’ and wanting to act now to maximise the opportunity, whilst some businesses are choosing to stop and wait for things to ‘go back to normal’.

    This viral environment is demanding businesses to be flexible, adaptable and at the same time continue as usual!  It is quite a balancing act and requires fit and robust thinking to lead businesses through.

    Today we successfully launched our Finding a New Balance Program and received and overwhelming response.  We have since thought as a valued member of WA Leaders that you also may wish to join us on one of the following dates for a complimentary facilitated Zoom conversation to create, define and shape a new business balance.

    Click on the date below to register:

    So, what are you seeing out there? What have you heard?  What have you learnt in your businesses?  We would love to know... which is why we are inviting you to join us for a webinar focussed on exercising our collective business creativity and unveil the ‘hidden gifts’ of COVID19, as we get fit, efficient and flexible and develop a New Business Balance.

    Following on from the initial 45 minute conversation with like minded leaders we would like to provide you the opportunity to take a deeper dive into creating a New Business Balance for your business. Our newly launched 3 part program is to be run over September/October and will assist you to create your blueprint going forward. Register now to secure your seat/s here.


    Ak Sabbagh

    Coach & Mentor


    +61 419 843 174

    Margaret Armitage

    Coach & Mentor

    +61 431 741 127

  • 25 Jan 2020 12:46 PM | Daniel Wright (Administrator)

    ACSM online week 'Growing You, as a Coach' features 6 webinars, from Feb 3rd to Feb 7th, complimentary for Coaches Supervisors will share coaching tools that Coaches can directly apply, then offer the opportunity to practice during the webinars.

    For further details and registration

  • 9 Dec 2019 7:57 PM | Daniel Wright (Administrator)

    Team Coaching: A Proven Research-Based Coaching Approach To Developing High Performing Teams – with Transcend International

    Join our EMCC & ICF accredited Team Coaching Certification programs scheduled in 2020 (Modules 1-2-3) in Hong Kong, in partnership with Professor David Clutterbuck and Coaching and Mentoring International. See Program flyer here.

    What is Team Coaching?

    Team coaching is an exciting and challenging emerging professional dimension of coaching. It is challenging... because teams are complex, adaptive systems within other complex, adaptive systems who interact with other, complex adaptive systems. And it is exciting - because organisations at the cutting edge of innovation and digital transformation are finding that teams are the most effective way to organise themselves.

    This workshop is aimed at experienced individual coaches and at team coaches of any experience level. It consists of three, three-day in person modules – a stand-alone Foundation Module and two further Certificate Modules 2-3 – along with extensive reading, practice and supervision.

    This EMCC EQA and ICF CCE approved program is designed to help coaches become skilled in the more complex and emerging realm of team coaching. We expect this domain of coaching to grow rapidly in the region. We have early market entry with a world class, well researched certification program. Module 2 is planned for July 2020 and will be facilitated by Professor David Clutterbuck 

    Training Dates: 

    Location: Hong Kong

    Investment per Module 1-2-3:

    • Standard Rate: HKD 16,000
    • Early- Bird Rate: HKD 14,500 - Pay 1 month before course start (Module 1: Pay on or before January 21, 2020)
    • Super-Early Bird Rate: HKD 12,500 - Pay 2 months before course start (Module 1: Pay on or before December 31, 2019)
    Contact: Want to register or receive more info? Please email Craig McKenzie ( and Liza Rosen (

  • 9 Dec 2019 7:49 PM | Daniel Wright (Administrator)

    ONLINE Internationally Accredited Professional Coaching Certification Programs - with Transcend International - Starting Jan 2020


    Coaching is a series of collaborative one-to-one learning conversations that facilitate improved performance through development and strengthening of optimal behaviours. Transcend International coaches use leading edge, multidisciplinary, evidenced-based adult learning frameworks in a systematic, creative process of setting appropriate goals, exploring options, discovering / challenging limiting beliefs / assumptions, taking “skilful” action and reflecting on learnings. Coaching clients improve both their personal and organisational effectiveness through cultivating exceptional emotional and mental balance, hereby benefiting both the individual and the organization.


    Our dual-accredited EMCC EQA Practitioner Level and ICF ACTP Online program is a comprehensive transformational coaching journey starting in January 2020, comprised of weekly 2-hour live webinars with two different time slots available:

    • ·       Every Monday Evening HKT 19:30pm-21:30pm starting 6th Jan 2020, or 
    • ·       Every Wednesday Morning HKT 7:30am-9:30am starting 8th Jan 2020

    (HKT = Hong Kong Time: GMT+8)


    Begin Your Online Professional Coach training with Transcend International and choose the Certification level that is right for you:

    • Essential Coaching Skills (4 weekly units)
    • Foundations of Coaching(Professional Coaching I) (10 weekly units)
    • Certificate in Professional Coaching (Professional Coaching I-II) – EMCC EQA & ICF ACSTH (20 weekly units)
    • Advanced Certificate in Professional Coaching (Transformational Coaching I-II) – EMCC EQA & ICF ACSTH (20 weekly units)
    • Certificate in Professional Coaching Mastery (Professional Coaching I-II & Transformational Coaching I-II) – EMCC EQA & ICF ACTP (40 weekly units)


    For any inquiries, please email our Head of Programs, Liza Rosen:

    We look forward to supporting you in your Coaching Journey!


    Transcend International is one of the top globally-accredited (EMCC & ICF) professional coach training organisations that combines developmental, transformational, and mindfulness-based coaching.

    For more information, please visit our website:

  • 25 Nov 2019 3:50 PM | Daniel Wright (Administrator)


    [Supervision for Coaches]

    This is a great opportunity to gain knowledge from the experienced ACSM supervisor and ask questions during the Facebook live event.

    The supervision capsules are  20 minutes Facebook live event.

    The Supervision Capsules Facebook live is free for everyone. Please register at

    You need to visit ACSM Facebook page to watch the supervision capsules live and interact with the supervisor.

    The schedule for supervision capsules in November and December 2019:

    Thursday, 21st November 2019 at 8pm (GMT+08), with supervisor and mentor Marianne Dupuis PCC

    Please check the conversion of your local time zone here,

    Thursday, 12th December 2019 at 8pm (GMT+08), with supervisor and mentor Dr. Frances Penafort MCC

    Please check the conversion of your local time zone here,


    [Energy Management for coaches]

    How do we as coaches create relational presence with our clients? How do we build trust & connect with our clients? How do we create more intimate session for our clients?

    Online Group Supervision Series for Energy Management is happening on Friday, 8th November at 10am (GMT+8) with Supervisor Felicia Lauw. Learn more about Felicia,

    Please check the event here,

    and register  at

    Please check your local time zone here,

    [Emotions for Coaches]

    What role does emotion play in a coaching session? What do we do when emotions arise from our clients? What do we do when emotions arise from within?

    Online Group Supervision Series for Emotions is happening on Friday, 15th November at 10am (GMT+8) with Supervisor Rosalyn Tan. Learn more about Rosalyn,  ⠀

    Please check the event here,

    and register at

    please check your local time zone here,

    [Reflective Practice and  Psychological Mindedness for coaches]

    Supervision facilitates the “V” of "vision" that enhances the coach’s ability to "see" in an expanded perspective. In the practice of Reflection on Action where parallel process may be taking place, how then can the Coach respond gracefully and compassionately and not get caught up in the wave of anxiety in service of the Client?

    In building the contemplative muscle and psychological mindedness, Coaches can step back, sense and notice moments of tension in the client–coach relationship, the ego-system and within themselves. Using Self as Instrument, tuning into any sensations, Coaches can be more Present, as they process and respond instead of ignoring what is surfacing, thereby enhancing their capacity and their well-being.

    Online Group Supervision Series for Reflective Practice and Psychological Mindedness  is happening on Friday, 22nd November 10am (GMT+8) with Mentor and Supervisor Sim Choo Khoo. Learn more about Sim Choo Khoo,

    Please check the event here,

    and register  at

    please check your local time zone here,

    [Self-Care for Coaches]

    Our own health and wellbeing is so important in achieving our goals but can sometimes fall low on the priority list. Increase your quality of life and advance your coaching career by taking the time to reflect and take action on your self care.

    Online Group Supervision Series for Self-Care is happening on Friday, 6th December at 10am (GMT+8)  with Supervisor Katrina Gisbert Tay. Learn more about Katrina,

    Please check the event here,

    and register  at

    please check your local time zone here,

  • 25 Nov 2019 3:29 PM | Daniel Wright (Administrator)

    Beckon Business’s Ak Sabbagh and Margaret Armitage are running a 1 Day EMCC Accredited Foundations Coach Training program on the 28th of November 2019.

    The program is designed to develop your own capabilities to coach, identify areas to focus and develop teams and specifically for:

    1. Business Owners, Managers and Leaders keen to add or develop coaching skills to their capabilities,
    2. HR practitioners,
    3. Internal organisational coaches,
    4. Professionals seeking to build a foundation and skillset in coaching,
    5. Individuals starting out on a professional career in coaching.

    This training program is built on:

    1. 20+ years of real-world experience coaching in hundreds of client organisations and with individuals.
    2. The ethics, standards and coaching philosophies of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

    Participants start coaching immediately. You will complete the workshop with both theoretical and practical experience in a proven coaching process. Immediately take your new “toolkit” and process directly into your practice or work environment to begin working with clients or staff.

    For full course details see the online brochure Foundations Coach Training and Accreditation Program or register here to Start your journey towards coaching mastery – at a global level of excellence now.

  • 4 Nov 2019 7:50 PM | Daniel Wright (Administrator)

    The Science of the Art of Coaching Foundations Programme

    A two day face-to-face workshop facilitated by Dr. Paul Brown, Professor of Applied Neuroscience, Monarch Business School Switzerland, that provides participants with the opportunity to deepen their practical understanding of how the brain works and what the implications of that are in a coaching context for individual development, leadership, and organisational behaviour in general.

    Who Should Attend: Executive Coaches, HR and Talent Leaders, Learning and Development Professionals, Corporate Leaders

    Dates: 20.02.20 & 21.02.20

    Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    EMCC Discount: as stated


  • 5 Oct 2019 5:10 PM | Daniel Wright (Administrator)

    Caroline Ward Consulting

    A Systemic Approach to Transformation, Perth, Australia

    A Professional Practitioner Training in Organisational Constellations

    • 3 live training modules:
      • Perth: Lunchtime August 10th to Lunchtime August 14th 2020
      • Online: November 30th - December 2nd 2020, 7 am to 11.00 am GMT each day
      • Perth: Lunchtime February 15th to Lunchtime February 19th 2021
    • 3 live Q&A calls between modules
    • Optional visit to participate in a client constellation, Perth, February 2021

    Goals of the Training

    This is a 14-day certified professional training in Systemic Constellations for Organisations. It is designed for leaders, coaches, consultants, change facilitators and HR professionals.

    The programme offers a deep exploration of how to use the embodied systemic intelligence of constellations work to illuminate and resolve the most common issues that affect organisations and change initiatives:

    • Purpose: realigning organisations to their purpose and enabling them to reach their goals
    • Authority: resolving issues with leadership, accountability, delegating and being led
    • Delivery: addressing the root causes of underperformance and obstacles to success
    • Leading Change: designing change, engaging stakeholders and dissolving resistance
    • Unplanned Change: navigating turbulence, complexity and the emerging future
    • Teamwork: resolving conflicts, increasing collaboration between individuals and teams
    • Personal Impact: changing your own behaviour patterns to transform the performance of your organisation and your effectiveness with your clients, markets and stakeholders

    “It was extraordinary. Suddenly the lock clicked and the door opened. Our sales numbers all came in. All the tension and negative energy I had been meeting just tripped out. I have launched a new target of $200M.” Managing Director of Sales and Distribution Unit

    "I have been able to take this and apply it with phenomenal results for my clients very quickly. The ROI with this training is phenomenal. It is completely applicable. I can blend this in beautifully and it adds real value." CEO, Executive Coaching Organisation

    This Programme will equip you to facilitate constellations work with the organisational issues of your clients. At the same time, you will apply this approach to the challenges and opportunities of your own professional life.

    As well as a robust training in the approach, the programme offers an opportunity for your own personal transformation. The work will support you to align more clearly to your own purpose and to resolve any obstacles to fulfilling it more deeply. It will offer strong support for business expansion, career development and professional growth.

    This training will enable you to be a more effective leader and a more powerful change agent to your clients. Experiencing your own transformation will give you an authentic place to offer constellations work from. The programme will leave you better able to fulfil your own purpose and your potential for professional and financial success.

    "Since we started our work with Caroline we have tripled our income. There is more meaning and purpose in what we do now. The projects are the kind we have been speaking about but had not been able to find the clients for." Branding Consultant

    "Thank you for enriching my life beyond measure. It has given me a way of working with my deepest values that is totally commercial." Director of Planning

    About Caroline Ward

    Caroline Ward runs a systemic consultancy in London. She works with clients who are finding solutions to the challenges facing humanity. Her clients include tech start-ups, research scientists, climate change initiatives and artistic institutions in Europe, the USA and Asia. She offers systemic trainings in London, and by invitation all over the world.

    “Caroline is a master practitioner and a master teacher. She makes it teachable and therefore easy as a student to absorb, build your muscles and then apply almost instantly.” Executive Coach

    “There are not words to describe the agent of transformation that Caroline has been for me.” Senior Vice President of HR

    “Caroline created the best learning environment that I have ever experienced.” Management Consultant

    “Brilliant! Brilliant teaching, brilliant care for the group, brilliant sense of fun.” Internal Organisational Development Consultant

    For Full Programme Information or to Book

    Please contact: Tel +44 (0) 7810 456110

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